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We aim to be the best in the business of news and information in Thailand and the region, reaching out to the world.


The Post Publishing Public Company Limited is the publisher and distributor of the Bangkok Post – an Englishlanguage newspaper, Post Today – a Thai-language business daily, Student Weekly – an English-language magazine for high school pupils, university students and other readers, and M2F – a newly established free Thailanguage newspaper for circulation directly to young professionals working in Bangkok.

The Company’s news and information businesses have been expanded to include broadcast and digital media. The and websites aim to be the world’s windows to Thailand. Applications on mobile devices have been developed. The Company has also expanded its multimedia presence with the launch of Thai-language TV and radio programmes on TNN 24, TV Channel 5 and FM 101.0. We have extended our news production business to co-producing news with NBT Channel 11 under a two-year agreement that expires in April 2013. The operation has been undertaken by a subsidiary, Post News Company Limited. Our M2Fjob website was developed in Thai language to expand our audience portfolio of white collar workers and first jobbers. The Company’s commercial printing operation offers general printing services for the Company and its subsidiaries as well as outside customers.

The Company’s book publishing arm, Post Books, publishes best-selling international titles translated into Thai as well as books authored by our newspaper reporters and columnists and other well-known Thai authors, in addition to special publications on historical themes and topics. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Post International Media Company Limited, and Post-IM Plus Company Limited, publish and distribute Thai-language editions of well-known international magazines, namely, ELLE, ELLE Decoration, Marie Claire, Martha Stewart Living, and Science Illustrated. A jointly controlled company, Post-ACP Company Limited, publishes and distributes the Thai-language editions of CLEO magazine.

In addition, an associate company, Flash News Company Limited, operates radio programmes on FM 97.0 radio channel.

Updated: End of 2012

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