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Bangkok Post, also celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2016, remains the leading daily English-language newspaper in Thailand – in terms of circulation, readership base, and advertising revenues – in both print and digital formats. As one of the most respected and trusted news sources in Thailand and the Region, the Bangkok Post is known as being a highly trusted and quality medium for advertisers and marketers aiming to access affluent, sophisticated local Thai and foreign consumers. Ongoing online subscriber-based services continue to expand, in terms of popularity (achieving more than 70,000 hits per day), and reach into the growing readership base of the digitalsavvy younger generation, and continually adds new services such as a five-year ‘backwards’ data archive search.

Post Today, which celebrated its 12th Anniversary in February 2015, has continued to expand its readership base through initiating various new digital platforms and plans to refresh its presentation format in early 2016 in order to be more appealing to existing readers and to attract the younger, more digital media-savvy young generation of readers. Its online version achieves more than 300,000 visits per day while through Facebook platform now reaches 2.5 million readers. However, despite this very significant increase in its online readership, the print media version is still popular and able to maintain growth in its readership base, due to continuing editorial content enhancements to better meet readers’ requirements – such as, since 2014, a more in-depth coverage of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) related news and information due to its formal establishment at the end of December 2015. Further, in 2015, the Thai daily added more indepth coverage of Thailand’s macroeconomic issues and trends, with the aim of highlighting associated issues and trends of interest to its readers together with the Government’s key economic policies and measures to proactively manage the Thai economy.

M2F continues to be popular and profitable, now distributing a total of 600,000 copies (as audited and certified by the HK ABC) every day, since expanding its distribution base to include additional urban centres in 14 or more key provinces in addition to Bangkok, which will increase its readership base to 3.0 million or more. As such, while this has meant additional printing and distribution costs for the short term during 2015, this increased readership base has already achieved its core aim of attracting both an expanded readership and advertiser base on a more nationwide basis to include new business operators and service providers, which will continue to drive increased advertising revenues. Its ongoing success, as a pioneering free weekday Thailanguage entertainment and lifestyle newspaper that offers relevant features for its readers together with value for money to its advertiser base through continuous contents and format enhancements, has also inspired other media companies to produce and publish similar free daily newspapers or lifestyle related print media. As such, the Post Group will continue, during 2016, to further develop the M2F product and media formats so as to remain a sustainable business that meets the requirements of its expanding targeted bases through providing more relevant and attractive lifestyle news and features as well as targeted advertiser bases.

Student Weekly, now in its 47th year, continues to be popular, through providing top-quality education-related and current affairs news and special features, together with relevant entertainment/lifestyle information, to its target student readership base. Over the years and especially during 2016, it will continue to modernise in terms of format and available platforms, so as to enhance its position as a fun, attractive and staple English-language learning tool and attract an ongoing expanded loyal and increasingly tech-savvy customer base. Such developments will be undertaken through further evolving and updating its website and Twitter account as well as its Facebook page that now attracts as many as 80,000 followers, and growing every day. With the establishment of the AEC that requires Thais to improve their English language skills, this weekly English-language media is well-positioned to be a fun and entertaining media as well as being a good English language learning experience for young Thais, helping them to improve their language skills. As such it will remain relevant to Thailand’s successful coexistence within the AEC.


Within the Post Group, Post International Media Co., Ltd. together with the Post-ACP Co., Ltd., publishes numerous Thai-language versions of leading international lifestyle, fashion, and business magazine titles; namely: Elle (now in its 22nd year); Elle Men; Elle Decoration; Marie Claire; Science Illustrated; Cycling Plus; Forbes; and Cleo. These magazine products have all continued to perform satisfactorily in contributing significant revenue and gaining increased advertising revenue streams for the Post Group. As with previous years, this growing magazine Business Unit – as well as its sister Newspaper Business Unit – continues to implement core strategies that aim at increasing both readership and advertiser bases through undertaking sponsorship of various high-profile business forums and social events, as described in detail below.


While not having been able to acquire a Digital TV channel operating license in late 2013, in recognition of the wider paradigm shift towards digital-based information, communications, broadcasting and entertainment media in Thailand, the Post Group has, since then, proactively undertaken various strategic initiatives aimed at acquiring increased revenue from this new expanding digital media and entertainment business sector. This is a core part of the Post Group’s overall strategy to diversify and broaden its business and advertiser base, which has been implemented by making investments to acquire or establish joint ventures with existing TV programme production studio facilities, as well as by actively exploring other prospective TVrelated business opportunities with digital TV channel operators. Such activities include the Post Group producing news, documentary, and business or entertainment content for them.

Towards this end, in September 2015, the Post Group, as approved by the Board, purchased 51 per cent of an existing and well-established medium-sized TV content production company, Mushroom Television Co., Ltd., that already produces various travel-tourism, food, entertainment, and lifestyle programme content. Through this new collaboration, the Post’s TV business will be able to leverage its existing print and digital media content for broadcasting on Digital TV channels, and plans to co-develop and broadcast a reality business ‘Academy’ programme for ambitious SME/entrepreneurs. As such, this new joint venture will enable the Post Group to have an additional revenue stream based on the strongly emerging digital TV media platforms.

Digital media

This business unit continues to be highly successful in its mission to become a leading online English- and Thai-language subscriber-based digital news and information portal, through initiating and operating various websites as well as mobile sites, based on social media and mobile application platforms that are available on digital tablets and smart phone devices used by always on-the-go urban lifestyle Thais and especially the new younger generation of tech-savvy consumers, and through strengthening its market position as a leading player in the digital media industry. The well-established Post Group’s Bangkok Post online, Post Today online, Student Weekly online, and other popular associated websites offer instant news and information access to its readership base, together with more focused advertising opportunities for its advertiser base.

Continuing efforts will be made by this digital media business unit in the coming years to become a leading digital information services provider for the increasingly digital-dependent lifestyle of Thais, through leveraging the Post Group’s news, business feature, travel and entertainment information, and lifestyle content of its traditional print media platforms and newly emerging digital media activities. This is will enable the Post Group to expand its overall ‘reach’ into its targeted readership and audience bases.

Commercial printing and Book publishing

These two business units continue to deliver satisfactory performance from their traditional print-based business activities, thereby contributing to the Post Group’s overall financial results. Commercial printing has continued to successfully bid to print an extensive range of high-quality documents and reports, as well as product catalogues and brochures for various government agencies, banks, educational institutions and businesses, with major customers including PTT and BAAC, through implementing its extensive experience-based and professional ‘one-stop printing services solution’ that includes everything from document design/layout, writing and printing to actual distribution.

With over 300 titles already launched, during 2015 the book publishing unit introduced more than 60 new titles, some of which are best sellers, such as the biography of Jack Ma, "Berkshire BeyondBuffet", "Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh", and "Phan for Country" by Vitthaya Vejjajiva.

In 2016 and beyond both business units plan to implement new initiatives to add more digital printing technology, capabilities and services – such as e-books and corporate website design activities as well as to increase additional access points for disseminating more information to readers and interested customers – such as; This is in order to remain ever-relevant to emerging consumer trends and customers’ requirements, as well as to remain a leader in this business segment.

Updated: End of 2015

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