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Our book businesses

Book Publishing

The book publishing unit now competes with online retailers and e-Books products. Post Books has made inroads in the online business through the establishment of and At the same time, it will continue to increase its presence in the print book media product sector through participating in various book exhibitions, in-store book promotions and book reading-related events.

Updated: End of 2015


Post publishing publishes inexpensive pocket books focusing on the following areas:

  • Works by Thai authors, especially winners of the Seawrite Award
  • Translations of foreign books.
  • Buddhist Dhamma books.
  • Popular business books.
  • Books by Post Publishing authors (Bangkok Post, Post Today, Magazines, Student Weekly,
Overview of business:
  1. Concept: Pockets with a large readership.
  2. Positioning and Readers: Upscale, high quality readership. Kind of like Matichon, where the present editor hails from.
  3. Differentiation: High quality intellectual content that also sells well.

Post Books Online

Popular Business Books

CEO by Wikrom Kromadit

CEO by Wikrom Kromadit

First volume sold 80,000 copies, second volume sold 50,000 copies.

Translations of Foreign Books

  • Rueng Rak Khong Rao

    Rueng Rak Khong Rao [All about us]

    translation of the best-selling memoir by young Taiwanese author Huang Yuan on the redeeming power of love. (255 baht).

  • Astrosaurs


    translation of a best-selling series on dinosaurs traveling in outer-space (110 baht).

  • Cheewit Nee Fah Likhit

    Cheewit Nee Fah Likhit [The Drunkard's Way]

    a book that explains the science of probability and risk to non-scientists by scientist Leonard Mlodinow (250 baht).

Business Contact :

Panee Loykate, Editor-in-Chief, Book Publishing E-mail : Office phone : +662-616-4000 Ext. 4620
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