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Further ongoing content and presentation format enhancements will be made to maintain its leading market position as a free Thai language daily newspaper and a source of not only ordinary news and information, but also various features and lifestyle guides that are relevant to its targeted lifestyle-conscious urban Thais.

The M2F Thai-language job website has also gained increasing popularity as a source of job leads and employment opportunities.

This now widely distributed product has allowed the Post Group to attract a more readership and advertiser base. It continues to be an emerging and sustainable, primarily print media business, which is now wellpositioned to more effectively compete in the intensely competitive advertising media industry by offering an effective alternate advertising medium for an ever broadening and wider readership base.

Updated: End of 2015

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Nha-Kran Loahavilai, Deputy Editor in Chief of Post Group E-mail :, Office phone : +662-616-4000 Ext.4220
Montri Pushatrirat, Editor E-mail : Office phone: +662-616-4000 Ext. 4273

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E-mail : Office phone : +662-616-4000 Ext. 4442 Direct phone: +662-616-4400, +662-616-4442 Fax : +662-240-3793
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