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Television & Radio

In 2015, Post Publishing PLC acquired a 51% stake in medium-sized TV content provider Mushroom Television Co in a bid to reinforce its TV business. Mushroom has expertise in TV content production in many areas — tourism, entertainment, food and lifestyle, and business. Mushroom now produces 10 TV programmes for various channels such as Free TV, Sattlite TV, Online Media, and Outdoor Media. as well as commercials.

Mushroom established in 2003 with its mission to deliver the best lifestyle content on TV program to the audiences. Then, Mushroom started to produce commercial spot, presentation, TVC, and viral clip by combining all sources that Mushroom had from producing TV program such as contents, locations, and celebrities to maximize the quality but minimize cost and time for our clients.

Today with all the life style data base that Mushroom Television have gathered for almost 10 years, it is now ready to launch “Mushroom HD Footage Library” in 2012 in order to provide footage and stock shot of hotels, resorts, restaurants, food, activities, and business for the best use of its clients.

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Updated: End of 2015

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